This Ramadan Could be A Great Month for AvaTrade Investors!

This Ramadan Could be A Great Month for AvaTrade Investors!

As confidence appears to be returning to marketplaces across the globe, April could become a great month for investors everywhere. After a few uncertain months, during which many were hesitant to enter the market – sentiment could be changing, making this April a month where you can begin to move money away from your bank account and into the stocks and markets that most interest you.

But if sentiment isn’t enough to sway you – perhaps AvaTrade’s tremendous Ramadan promotion will do the trick.

Quite simply – for the entire Ramadan month, 30 days, we will be offering a 30% spread reduction* on 30 different stock CFDs!

(Spread is calculated by the difference between the BID and ASK price for trading).

Every day during Ramadan, we will offer 30 stock CFDs at a whopping 30% off the fee you pay per trade.

30 stock CFDs will be discounted – From Apple and Tesla to Facebook and Amazon, indeed – something for every trader!

AvaTrade Is the UK’s #1 Choice

Here are our top 3 reasons for getting started with investing at AvaTrade

  1. They offer everyone very customisable options. You get to choose however much or little you want to invest. They have a renowned customer service team designed to help beginners get started in a way they are comfortable with.
  2. They are strictly regulated and have built a strong, trusted relationship with their clients. That means their service is completely transparent, and you can relax knowing your personal data is protected.
  3. They have introductory guides for every single area you can invest in! No question is left unanswered; if you are unsure about something, you can learn about it via their video guides or talk to an expert advisor.

A Little Can Go A Long Way

The best part about investing with AvaTrade is that you do not need to invest your whole life savings in succeeding. You don’t need to be rich already to succeed.

You can make a significant impact even with just a small portion of your savings or available money. It’s entirely up to you how much you decide to invest.

Why AvaTrade?

As a leader in the global investment market, AvaTrade offers traders convenient and affordable options to trade on an extensive selection of trading platforms. AvaTrade provides unparalleled support, with access to help from professionals. AvaTrade also ranks Best in Class for Commissions and Fees in 2021 – meaning you’re not paying an unnecessary premium to make your money work for you.

  • AvaTrade is considered low risk, with an overall Trust Score of 93 out of 99 (That’s an A+ in terms of trust scores in the industry). (Source)
  • From Bonds and ETFs to Crypto investments – manage your entire portfolio in one place. Simple, efficient, and affordable.
  • AvaTrade provides a rich array of educational content from in-house experts. AvaTrade finished Best in Class in the 2021 Forex Broker review, beating out traditional companies and their offerings by a wide margin. (Source)
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