Trade World Cup Stocks at AvaTrade

Trade World Cup Stocks at AvaTrade

World Cup

Football’s world cup started in Qatar, and the country has produced a spectacular show. In terms of investing, traders will pay close attention to several things. Firstly, the main sponsors of the events get special attention as their promotion is expected to bring higher revenue for them. In terms of players, the player who does well during the event is most likely to have more value and football clubs increase their bids to acquire that player when their contract ends. If it is a listed company, it influences its stock price. Similarly, if a player of a listed football club fails to impress the world and is playing for a club whose stock is listed on the market, it sometimes puts selling pressure on its stock price.

In terms of brands, both Nike and Adidas will go neck to neck to compete for the same audience. Most of the time, it is about who can make the most noise; investors carefully monitor their huge marketing budget spending to see the biggest bang for their buck. The event is only in its beginning stage. When it comes to main matches such as quarter-finals and semi-finals, the game can bring the whole world to its standstill position, which is impressive not only for the sports but also for revenue.

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