Another Week of Volatility Under The Microscope

Another Week of Volatility Under The Microscope

Another week of volatility passed through our Chief Market Analyst Naeem Aslam’s analytical might, delivering bumper content as always to our Trading Community.

From Cryptocurrencies to Indices, with Crude Oil in the mix, there was a lot to scrutinise to shake down trading opportunities.

Ethereum peaked to new heights, whereas Bitcoin settled down.

Coronavirus variants in focus.

Crude Oil. What was next for the price?

Why were traders focused on US Stimulus?

AvaTrade Technical Analysis.

AvaOptions Webinar.

How low could Bitcoin go?

Fed Meeting in focus.

US30. How low was it set to go?

Stock Market. European sentiment had improved.

Volatile week was coming to a close. What did it suggest?

Naeem took a look at the US30, US500 and the US_TECH100.

And polished off the week by delving into what was happening with GameStop. A very hot topic.

As always, we featured Fundamental Analysis Live.

We held a Master Class in how to trade stocks.

And we explained all about AvaSocial; the way to join the Trading Revolution.

We invite you to join our Trading Community right here at AvaTradeTV!