Was Crypto giving off cryptic clues?

Was Crypto giving off cryptic clues?

That was certainly the detail that any trader with crypto king Bitcoin in the mix wanted to know. And crucially, to sense what could happen quickly enough to capitalise on it. Providing analytical food for thought as always was our Chief Market Analyst, Naeem Aslam. Here is what he had to say as 2021 made its way into week two of the year.

Stock Markets were trading lower. There had to be a few reasons why.

Bitcoin. Was it a massive sell-off? Or just a fluctuation?

CNBC Africa wanted Naeem’s take on 2021 so far.

Stocks continued to move lower, Naeem delved back into the analysis of it all.

Gold was facing selling pressure. What did it mean for our traders?

Gold and Oil were trading higher, but stocks were flat. Was there an opportunity?

Bitcoin seemed to settle. What could we take away from it?

Stimulus hopes and Coronavirus came under the microscope.

Bitcoin Bulls were back it appeared.

And Gold was trying to push on through. What were the chances?

As always, we undertook Live Technical Analysis.

And ‘How to trade stocks’ was the Master Class of the week.