What’s Happening This Week?

What’s Happening This Week?

Inflationary concerns continue to be a major move for markets during the past week, as we have seen CPI numbers coming out at a 31 year high in the United States, while the GDP numbers in Great Britain have fallen below pre-pandemic levels. The overall lumpiness of the recovery continues to be a major issue for investors around the world.

This week inflation continues to be the focus of investors; while they have priced in a rate hike in the US for mid-2023, in Canada, Japan, and the UK, we have inflation data, helping us understand the picture in those regions. We also have employment data coming out of the UK. Major earnings to watch in the US come from Walmart, the shopping giant, and NVIDIA, which is seen to be a major future play for Metaverse stocks, as potentially a key supplier for core technologies. From the UK, we have Royal Mail.


2:00 AM – China retail sales

7:00 AM – UK employment data
1:30 PM – US retail sales

7:00 AM – UK CPI (October)
1:30 PM – Canada CPI

1:30 PM – US initial jobless claims
11:30 PM – Japan CPI

7:00 AM – UK retail sales