What’s Happening This Week?

What’s Happening This Week?

Markets have been waiting for some time to hear from multiple central banks, all of which spoke during the previous week. The European Central Bank suggested that inflation was now on its radar, while the Bank of England actually stepped in and raised interest rates. The Federal Reserve has suggested that tapering is going to accelerate, but the bond markets do not seem to believe them.

The next couple of weeks are of course holidays for many investors around, so the markets will be quiet on the days that they are open. This week we have durable goods from the US, and consumer confidence from both Germany and the eurozone. We also have GDP data from both the US, and the UK. The only corporate earnings of note is the Nike one.

Happy holidays!



7:00 AM – Germany consumer confidence

3:00 PM – eurozone consumer confidence



7:00 AM – UK GDP

1:30 PM – US GDP

3:00 PM – US existing home sales

3:30 PM – US EIA crude oil inventories



3:00 PM – US new home sales

11:30 PM – Japan CPI