Which Way Will Gold And Oil Prices Go?

Which Way Will Gold And Oil Prices Go?

Gold prices retreated from their five-month high as investors have started to book some profits off the table. There is no doubt that we have seen a stellar rally in gold prices over the last few months, and it makes sense to take some chips off the table. Moreover, the US economic numbers are also painting a much more optimistic picture about the health of the US economy. For instance, if we look at the US manufacturing activity numbers, which were released yesterday, they clearly show that the reopening of the US economy is underway and has confirmed pent-up demand. This is putting the risk-on rally back on track.

Today, we are also going to get more economic data on the US economy, and we also have two Fed members who will be speaking later on today. It is highly possible their speeches may trigger a further sell-off in the gold prices, especially if they show more confidence in the economic numbers.

Nonetheless, there is nothing bigger than the US NFP data for the gold price, and the economic number will be released on Friday. In terms of the price level, traders are hoping that even if the sell-off intensifies, the price of gold should stay above the critical price level of 1868, which is a critical level of support. However, if the price violates this price, we could see the gold price moving all the way towards the 1824 price mark.


Oil prices are very much holding on to their gains as OPEC and its allies continue to make sensible decisions on oil supply. Yesterday, the cartel confirmed that it only wants to increase the oil production gradually. Basically, the cartel does want to return the oil supply back to the pre-pandemic level, but it also understands that they still need to practice patience and avoid any urge to make a hasty decision that could hurt oil demand. That is because that no one wants to see the oil glut on the market, especially when the threat of the Indian coronavirus variant is still very much on the table.

Traders are likely to continue to support oil prices, which are sitting at their strongest level in months. The reason for this is that they know that oil demand is very likely to strengthen even further during this month and the next month because of the coronavirus vaccine process. Countries are trying their best to vaccinate the public as fast as they can so that they eliminate any threat that can harm any economic growth.

In the cryptocurrency space, there are still no signs of life returning, and volatility is falling on a daily basis. It seems that the Bitcoin price may continue to consolidate at its range of 30K to 40K for a little longer. For BTC bulls, this is not an ideal situation because they want to see Bitcoin’s price gaining its strength back.

Stock Market

The Dow Jones Industrial Average and S&P 500 increased by 1.9% and 0.6% respectively last month. The Russell 2000, dominated by small cap stocks, has posted gains for the last 8 months, which is the first since 1995. However, Nasdaq, the tech heavy index, posted its first loss of 1.5% in 7 months.

Although the core-price gauge for consumption expenditures has peaked, investors are optimistic that a potential increase in spending will boost economic growth and that the latest statistics are insufficient to change the Fed’s policy, as reiterated by its officials.