Wonderful week of volatility!

Wonderful week of volatility!

Last week Tesla shares jumped up by almost 20% in a single day. And the Asian Market experienced the biggest one-day sell off since 2015.

These fast-paced movements delivered an analytical feast for Naeem Aslam, AvaTrade’s Chief Market Analyst.

As always, Naeem got his teeth firmly stuck in to provide yet more market insight in his usual upbeat and positive manner, and of course, made it all easy to understand for our YouTube viewers.

Take some time out and have a little watch of the below to be perfectly up to speed!

All in day’s work.

Tesla sky rocketed: 

Asian Markets plummeted:

Around the world in 5 days of analysis.

Brexit, the US and European Commodity Markets: 

Why European markets are so strong: 

Euro/Dollar pair formed a double bottom: 

Trading US NFP data: 

On the rebound? Bouncing back? Or oversold?

Oil rebound on the cards: 

S&P500 bounces back: 

Oversold signal emerges for crude: 

A week at AvaTrade would not be complete without webinars hosted by Troy, one of our senior account managers. Pause, rewind and play until your trading heart is content!

Technical analysis of Live Market action: 

Some extra Technical analysis of Live Market action for good measure!

All about Cryptocurrency: 

And Fundamental analysis: 

Additionally, as proud sponsors of Manchester City, coupled with our deep belief that training is the key to great trading, we filmed Sergio Aguero in action!

Here is Sergio training to be the best he can be: 

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