AvaTrade launches AvaProtect for desktop trading

AvaTrade launches AvaProtect for desktop trading

Innovative risk management tool offers guaranteed protection from losses on open positions on the AvaTrade WebTrader

Dublin: AvaTrade, an award-winning CFD broker, has launched AvaProtect – a revolutionary one-click risk management tool – for its desktop trading application, AvaTrade WebTrader. The solution comes as part of AvaTrade’s ongoing strategy to put the success and satisfaction of its customers first, with AvaProtect also available on the AvaTrade mobile app, AvaTradeGO.

AvaProtect is designed to give traders peace of mind, ensuring their trades are protected from adverse market movements. AvaTrade customers simply activate AvaProtect for a small fee and define the period for which they want protection. If, at the end of that period, the protected position has dropped in value, AvaTrade will reimburse the loss.

“Today’s economic and geo-political environment is stoking plenty of market volatility, which means great opportunities, but also great risks, for traders,” says Dáire Ferguson, CEO of AvaTrade. “AvaProtect empowers our clients to follow their convictions and express their market views, safe in the knowledge that they can protect their trades from losses through AvaProtect – a truly distinct feature within our industry.”

Ferguson adds: “Our core value is to empower people to be able to invest and trade with confidence in a safe and reliable environment, and we believe that AvaProtect really delivers on that commitment.”

Find out more about AvaProtect at https://www.avatrade.com/trading-info/avaprotect