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Trade FX & Options Visualty

Streaming Prices for 40+ currency Pairs & Gold

Trade spot FX from custom charts

Implement any of 13 top option strategies

Measure & Manage risk

Trade FX & Options Visuality

  • Structure any FX or Option trade with our unique interactive page

  • The historical chart shows you the past, and Confidence Interval shows you where the market may be heading

  • Profit/Loss Chart shows your risk and reward, and updates live

Streaming Prices for 40+ currency Pairs & Gold

  • Custom Market Watch pages load quickly

  • Implied volatility curves give you the full market picture

  • Visualise current and historical implied volatility, and realised volatility

Trade spot FX from custom charts

  • Set entry and closing limits directly from the chart – get a clearer picture

  • See instantly how limit orders impact trade risk and profitability

  • Interactive sliders allow you to set entry limit or stop, and closing Take Profit and/or Stop Loss orders

Implement any of 13 top option strategies

  • Trade Spot, Calls, Puts, and Combination strategies from a clear menu

  • Spreads are automatically reduced for combination strategies, like Spreads and Risk Reversals

  • New Integrated Strategy Guide helps you to structure your trade right

Measure& Manage risk

  • Bar charts show net exposure by currency pair and by single currency

  • Special pages offer summary of portfolio risk, including Delta, Vega, and Theta

  • Open Positions page shows each trade’s risk measures, with full sort and filter capabilities

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Forex Options and beyond

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Create the optimal portfolio - choose from over 40 currency pairs and any combination of CALL and PUT options in one single account. Execute Straddles, Strangles, Risk Reversals, Spreads, and other Strategies, with just one click.

Get the bigger picture

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AvaOptions gives you total control over your portfolio, letting you balance risk and reward, to match your overall market view.

Take a view, hedge or trade to generate income

forex options

BUY options to hedge risk or take a view, SELL options to generate income – it’s easy with our intuitive trading platform. Expirations available on business days – choose from overnight, to one-year expiration, at any strike price you set.

Risk management tools

forex options

AvaOptions includes a wide selection of professional risk management tools, portfolio simulations, and much more. Powerful desktop and mobile platforms can empower your trades.

Flexible orders mean absolute controls

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Trade CALLS and PUTS with stop and limit orders, which can be triggered by a pre-determined premium level, mean added control over trade entry and exit. Trade strategies for improved pricing efficiency.

Built with money managers in mind

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We offer full money management functionality to let you trade multiple accounts with one single ticket.


  • Free
    interactive streaming pricing widget

  • Free
    Option Education

  • Free
    practice demo account

  • Competitive
    spot and option prices for any trader

  • Cash or physical
    settlement in margin account

  • Streaming liquidity
    from the largest global banks

Frequently Asked Questions about AvaOptions

  • What are the technical specs for the AvaOptions iOS trading app?

    AvaOptions requires iOS 11.0 or later for iPhone, iOS 11.0 or later for iPod touch, Mac OS 11.0 or later with an Apple M1 chip, and iOS 11.0 or later for iPad operating systems. The AvaOptions trading app is free to download and install from the App Store, and is available in multiple languages. These include English, Arabic, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, and Traditional Chinese. The app is provided courtesy of AvaTrade EU Limited, with an approximate size of 262 MB. The iOS app for iPad/iPhone devices offers FX, indices, and options in one account.

  • What types of option strategies are available on the AvaOptions app?

    The AvaOptions trading app features 13 option strategies, including spot, call, call spread, call ratio, put, put spread, put ratio, straddle, straddle, butterfly, condo, risk reversal, and seagull option strategies. Everything is managed from your mobile device, whether it's an iPad or an iPhone. Traders have access to any strike, and any expiration date up to 1 year. There are live streaming trades available 24/5, with multibank liquidity provided. The option strategies can be applied to dozens of currency pairs, and commodities like silver and gold as well. Trade sizes will vary from 10,000 to 10 million.

  • Why is there a notable size difference between the Google Play Store app and the App Store app? Is iOS better?

    The quality of the Google Play Store app and the App Store app is identical. The Google Play Store application for Android smartphones and tablets is a lightweight client which is 32 MB. Many of the files at the Google Play Store are compressed, and once downloaded, their true size is revealed. You can perform all the same functions with the Android app as you can with the iOS app. Further the AvaOptions app offers interactive screens, and intuitive functionality, for a wide range of financial instruments, including options, indices, gold, and currency pairs. Plus, there are complimentary demo accounts available, with no registration needed.

  • How do you calculate the required margin for options?

    We calculate the required margin based on how risky your portfolio is, using a method called SPAN (Standardized Portfolio Analysis). It takes into account the implied volatility of the option as well as contract duration (option's expiration date). You can see the full data with examples here.