My Experiences From International Women’s Day: A Panel Hosted by Aston Martin F1™ Team and AvaTrade

<strong>My Experiences From International Women’s Day: A Panel Hosted by Aston Martin F1™ Team and AvaTrade</strong>

On International Women’s Day, Aston Martin Cognizant Aramco F1™ Team hosted a panel discussion moderated by me, AvaTrade’s Chief Analyst, Kate Leaman, and it featured six amazing women leaders. The panelists included the AMF1™ CIO, UK&I Head of People at Cognizant, and leaders from NetApp and Cognizant, as well as Jess Hawkins, Driver Ambassador for AMF1™.

The discussion was centered around the IWD 2023 #EmbraceEquity campaign theme and its impact on various industries. During the panel we explored the difference between equity and equality, highlighting the importance of understanding and acknowledging this distinction. We also looked at the importance of women taking control over their finances and in fact over every aspect of their lives.

What is Equity?

Equity is defined as giving everyone what they need to be successful, rather than giving everyone the exact same thing. The concept of ‘fairness’ can be tricky, as it assumes that everyone started out in the same place, which is often not the case.

One Special Day

Before inviting the panelists on stage, I spent time exploring the importance of equity while highlighting the opportunity for attendees to learn more about the FinTech, motorsport, technology, trading and motor industries and how women should not shy away from working in male-dominated environments.

Throughout the panel discussion, the panelists shared their insights and experiences in the workplace, offering guidance to the audience on the importance of equity in career development. The audience shared their personal stories and experiences of inequality, which were quite moving.

Embrace Equity

Overall, the panel discussion was a powerful reminder of the importance of equity and the role it plays in building a more inclusive and diverse workplace. It also highlighted the need for ongoing conversations and efforts to promote equity and equality for all and that includes encouraging our male counterparts to become our allies to achieve equality.

If you want to watch the full panel, click on the following link.