CFD Rollover

CFD Rollover 2021

CFD Rollover Dates

All futures contracts have dates of when they mature. In order to allow our clients to trade without interruption, AvaTrade swaps a matured contract price with a new one before the old contract expires and adjusts the difference in price between the 2 underlying contracts.

List of upcoming CFD Futures Rollovers:


InstrumentCurrent Traded ContractAVA Rollover Date (Sunday)Next Traded Contract
Crude OilApr 2024 (CLJ24)17-Mar-24May 2024 (CLJ24)
Brent OilApr 2024 (LCOJ4)25-Feb-24May 2024 (LCOK4)
Natural gasMar 2024 (NGH24)25-Feb-24Apr 2024 (NGJ24)
GasolineMar 2024 (RBH24)25-Feb-24Apr 2024 (RBJ24)
Heating OilMar 2024 (HOH24)25-Feb-24Apr 2024 (HOJ24)
WheatMar 2024 (ZWH24)25-Feb-24May 2024 (ZWK24)
Soy-beanMar 2024 (ZSH24)25-Feb-24May 2024 (ZSK24)
CornMar 2024 (ZCH24)25-Feb-24May 2024 (ZCK24)
Cotton n. 2May 2024 (CTK4)21-Apr-24Jul 2024 (CTN4)
Sugar 11. szMar 2024 (SBH4)25-Feb-24May 2024 (SBK4)
Coffee CMay 2024 (KCK4)14-Apr-24Jul 2024 (KCN4)
CopperMar 2024 (HGH24)25-Feb-24May 2024 (HGK24)
PalládiumMar 2024 (PAH24)25-Feb-24Jun 2024 (PAM24)
PlatinumApr 2024 (PLJ24)24-Mar-24Jul 2024 (PLN24)
CocoaMay 2024 (CCK4)14-Apr-24Jul 2024 (CCN4)

Stock Indices

InstrumentCurrent Traded ContractAVA Rollover Date (Sunday)Next Traded Contract
HK 50Feb 2024 (HSIG4)25-Feb-24Mar 2024 (HSIH4)
TAIWAN_INDXFeb 2024 (STWNG4)25-Feb-24Mar 2024 (STWNH4)
China A50Feb 2024 (CNG4)25-Feb-24Mar 2024 (CNH4)
France 40Mar 2024 (FCEH4)10-Mar-24Apr 2024 (FCEJ4)
Spain 35Mar 2024 (MFXIH4)10-Mar-24Apr 2024 (MFXIJ4)
US_500Mar 2024 (ESH4)10-Mar-24Jun 2024 (ESM24)
US_TECH100Mar 2024 (NQH4)10-Mar-24Jun 2024 (NQM24)
US_30Mar 2024 (YMH4)10-Mar-24Jun 2024 (YMM24)
CANADA_60Mar 2024 (SXFH4)10-Mar-24Jun 2024 (SXFM4)
Germany 40Mar 2024 (FDXH4)10-Mar-24Jun 2024 (FDXM4)
GERMANY_TECH30Mar 2024 (FTDXH4)10-Mar-24Jun 2024 (FTDXM4)
Europe 50Mar 2024 (FESXH4)10-Mar-24Jun 2024 (FESXM4)
UK_100Mar 2024 (FFIHH4)10-Mar-24Jun 2024 (FFIHM4)
ITALY_40Mar 2024 (SPMIBH4)10-Mar-24Jun 2024 (SPMIBM4)
SWISS 20Mar 2024 (FSMIZH4)10-Mar-24Jun 2024 (FSMIZM24)
US_2000Mar 2024 (TFH4)10-Mar-24Jun 2024 (TFM4)
AUS 200Mar 2024 (APH4)10-Mar-24Jun 2024 (APM4)
DOLLAR INDEXMar 2024 (DXH4)10-Mar-24Jun 2024 (DXM4)
Japan 225Dec 2023 (SSIMZ3)03-Mar-24Mar 2024 (SSIMH4)
NED 25Mar 2024 (AEXH4)10-Mar-24Apr 2024 (AEXJ4)


InstrumentCurrent Traded ContractAVA Rollover Date (Sunday)Next Traded Contract
Japan Govt Bond Mar 2024 (SJBH4)03-Mar-24Jun 2024 (SJBM4)
Euro-BondMar 2024 (FGBLH4)03-Mar-24Jun 2024 (FGBLM4)

*All dates are for indication only

*AvaTrade reserves the right to amend rollover dates based on liquidity/volume of the underlying contract

How can I avoid CFD rollover?

You can avoid CFD rollover by closing your open position before the rollover date.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about CFD Rollover Dates

  • Why would you want to keep an asset open after its expiry date?

    CFDs (Contracts for Difference) are derivatives instruments whose value is derived from an underlying asset/s. They automatically terminate at a pre-set date in the future. However, CFDs with a rollover option allow you to extend the CFD expiry date to a later point in time. This is an open contract with no expiry date. At inception, it is imperative to understand CFD expiry dates, and whether they are rolling CFDs. You may have a poorly performing CFD, but you believe rates will reverse favourably, so you initiate a CFD rollover beyond the expiry date.

  • May I see an example of a CFD rollover in action?

    CFD rollovers are common. There are rollovers for buy positions and rollovers for sell positions. For a buy position, assume you’re buying 100 contracts of the Germany 30 at a current sell rate of €15,000, and a sell rate for the new futures contract at €15,100, i.e. €100 higher. The adjustment is subtracted from your position to maintain the same equity. [Old contract rate – new contract rate] X [number of contracts] = [€15,000 – €15,100] X [100] = €10,000 subtracted from your account. The rollover adjustment for a sell position is added to your account.

  • What’s the connection between interest rates and forex CFD rollovers?

    With CFDs, rollovers are determined by the difference between the asset interest rates. If you buy a currency pair such as the USD/ZAR, and the rate is greater than the interest rate on the sold currency, the rollover will be accrued on your trading position. If you’re buying a currency and the rate of the currency is less than the interest rate on the currency sold, the rollover will be subtracted from your trading position. Therefore, CFD rollovers can generate extra income, or result in losses. If you’re holding a forex CFD position overnight, check the roll rates.