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Share your positive AvaTrade experiences with your friends, and if they start trading with us, you can benefit by getting cash! It’s a win-win scenario!

How Does it Work?

How Much Can You Make?

Calculate your potential referral earnings in seconds:

Friend’s First Deposit Your Cash Credit
$ - $2,000 $50
$2,001 - $5,000 $100
$5,001 - $10,000 $150
$10,001 - $20,000 $200
$20,001 and more $250

How Does it Work?

So many reasons to introduce the exciting world of Forex and CFD trading to your friends. It couldn’t be easier to make a referral. If you already have a real account, simply log in to your account, where you will find the ‘Refer a Friend’ section. Here you will find your personal link. Share it with your friends, and your reward will be automatically tracked and then transferred to you.

After they receive the link, all they have to do is:


Open a real account


Deposit a minimum of $


Open at least trades


Don’t have a real account? Hurry up, your friends are waiting!

Enjoy Full Transparency

As soon as your friend opens an account and deposits, you will be notified. And once your friend meets all the conditions mentioned above, your balance will be automatically updated. View our T&Cs to get the full details.

Expand & Prosper

In Wall Street, it’s not WHO you know but How Many – the wider your network, the more valuable you become. At AvaTrade, we’ll do everything we can to increase your chances of recognising a trading opportunity and monetising it in the best way possible.

We Offer a Unique Chance to Increase Your Net Worth:

If you’ve been pleased with AvaTrade’s service and trading terms, we’d like to see you taking your trading up a notch. Refer your friends, connections and followers to us, and we’ll pay you up to $250 in commission the moment one of them makes an investment.*

How Does It Work?

Simply select a friend from one of your social networks and send them an invitation to join one of the largest and best-rated online brokers in the world. Create your own online trading network, exchange information and strategies, and increase your income with every friend that joins.

You will benefit, and so will they.

Join our Refer-a-Friend programme now- select a friend and send them your unique invitation link. We’ll do the rest.

How to Join?

  • 1. Join AvaTrade’s Refer-a-Friend programme by
  • 2. Share the unique link with your friends through Facebook, WhatsApp or Gmail
  • 3. Get a commission when your friend fulfils the Terms and Conditions

* Your connection must open a minimum sized position as specified in the