It’s Bitcoin’s 13th Birthday – Why Should You be Excited?

It’s Bitcoin’s 13th Birthday – Why Should You be Excited?

Another blinding year for Bitcoin, with gains of 106%*, the launch of the Bitcoin ETF, which marked a watershed moment for the leading crypto, and loads of institutional funds piling in. All of this means opportunity for Bitcoin traders.

Why Bitcoin CFDs?

Trading Bitcoin as a CFD, rather than buying the actual asset comes with many strong benefits.

  • When you trade Bitcoin, you don’t have to go through the frustrating process of opening accounts with exchanges and wallets, that usually aren’t regulated or secure.
  • Trading Bitcoin online with AvaTrade means that you can use the facility of leverage to increase the buying power of your trade. For instance, leverage of 1:5, means your $100 position is now worth $500. This comes with greater rewards (and risks too!)
  • When you buy Bitcoin, you need the price to go up in order to make profit. When you trade Bitcoin CFD, you can also trade in a down trending market, by taking a sell position (going short)

The initiation of Bitcoin marked a landmark moment in the history of technology and money exchange, leading to major advancements in the way we invest, save, bank and more. To mark the occasion, we are giving you a spread reduction of 13% on your trading fees for Bitcoin all day And, if you are new to AvaTrade and about to make your first deposit, you can also take advantage of many other benefits, including: 

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*21 Dec 2020- 22 Dec 2021 Source Tradingview

** Past performance is not indicative of future results