How to Make the Most of Black Friday Sales Without Going Shopping

How to Make the Most of Black Friday Sales Without Going Shopping

Do Black Friday From the Comfort of Your Own Home, and Trade the Brands You Love

Black Friday is like an extreme sport, with shoppers competing against one another to get hold of the best deals and price savings. Shopping on Black Friday is not relaxing. So, we are giving you a better way to take advantage of mass consumerism, and that’s with our amazing Black Friday promotion.

Retire your protective gear, and instead trade all your favourite brands, from Amazon, Apple to Walmart, without leaving the comfort of your home. And get 50% off top stock spreads on leading retailer stocks to help boost your bottom line.  

Trade any of the following stocks, starting 25th of November from 00:00 till 23:59 GMT on November 27th, and 50% off top stock spreads:


With the lifting of lockdowns and restrictions, it looks like people may be ready to shop till they drop this Black Friday. And you can take advantage of retailers’ success, by trading their stocks over the course of the day, with 50% off top stock spreads

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