AvaTrade Refer a Friend Programme

AvaTrade Refer a Friend Programme

In the 19th century, the gold rush was booming. You might think that the miners and mining companies were the only ones that made big money from gold mining activities. Yet, in fact, it was ancillary services around the mining industry that made some of the largest profits.

One particularly profitable business was supplying mining tools, which as you can imagine, was in huge demand. While trading isn’t quite comparable to actual gold mining, you can also make money from the forex market by selling the comparison to “mining tools”. This is where the AvaTrade Refer a Friend programme steps into the limelight, and it is an interesting and lucrative opportunity to pursue.

How the AvaTrade Refer-a-Friend Programme Works:

To be able to take advantage of the referral programme, you need to be an AvaTrade customer first- it is only logical to refer a friend if you have had a great trading experience yourself.

When you log into the MyAva area, there is a ‘Refer a Friend’ section where you can find a link to share with your friends. The link features a unique identification code, so all your friends that sign up with AvaTrade can be tracked and attributed to you.

To receive the referral bonus, your friends will have to meet only two conditions: a minimum first-time deposit of $500 and complete a minimum of 10 trades (no time limit on the trade positions).

When these conditions are met, AvaTrade will award you a referral fee of up to $250 for every friend you refer. The reward will automatically be disbursed to the balance of your trading account, and you can withdraw it using the various convenient payment methods AvaTrade has available.

Remember the analogy about selling ‘mining tools’? AvaTrade acts as the manufacturer of the tools and provides you with plenty of innovative promotional materials that include banners, custom widgets, newsletters and even great blog content.

With a little bit of creative thinking, you can sell the great AvaTrade trading opportunity to your friends through channels right at your disposal, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn or even through your personal blog (if you have one). As a trader yourself, you can be impactful by sharing screenshots of the growth of your trading account.

With the AvaTrade Economic calendar at your fingertips helping you to know the release schedule of high impact data, you can also point out how financial news leads to big price movements in the market which create potentially lucrative trading opportunities.

If you own a blog or website, there is even more of an opportunity to convert your website visitors into FX traders by offering unique and high-quality content that is relevant to forex trading. This can include reviews of the great trading offerings that AvaTrade provides or general trading content, and then share your unique tracking link with your audience.

AvaTrade loves making more friends that will enjoy their amazing trading environment. Plus, AvaTrade offers a wide range of on-going promotions and perks that even more of your referred friends can sign up for, and prosper along with with the rest of the AvaTrade family.

AvaTrade loves making more friends that will enjoy their amazing trading environment. Plus, AvaTrade offers a wide range of on-going promotions and perks that even more of referred friends can sign up for and prosper with the AvaTrade family.

Make sure to follow AvaTrade through all of our available social channels such as FacebookTwitter and YouTube; and you’ll get updates on our latest offers, promotions and more.

AvaTrade also publishes various educational materials, market news and updates, as well as insightful posts. It is really rewarding to be a successful trader. Yet, through the AvaTrade Refer-a-Friend programme, there is even more money for you to make, plus your friends will love you for introducing them to the exciting world of forex trading with AvaTrade.